Analyze Game of chess.

by admin on May 09, 2020

Analyze Game of chess.

Analyse Game of chess.

The most frequently asked question by all chess players is “How can I improve in my games?” All the chess players worldwide go through this question for a thousand times in their life. Improving individually in the game of chess can be reasonably hard. To improve you need to analyze your game. But if you are someone who is stuck with the question “how to analyze the game of chess?”, read the article below, it may help you. analyse,chess


Why do you need to analyze the game of chess? Well to improve, you need a keen observation of your game. The process of calculations and a few plans can aid you in improving your game. Not analyzing your own game is going to affect your game. If you keep rehearsing the same mistakes then you will never grow.  For example, recently in an interview, European and Croatian Champion, Ivan Šarić, stated that analysis of your own games remains the most important method of chess training for players. analyse,chess
  • By analyzing, players can also compare their games with concrete facts. Analyzing will also indicate how you deal with your mistakes. Accepting your flaws and working on them, will be worthy for you.
  • In the analyzing process, you can recognize the genuine reasons behind your mistakes. People generally discover the problem and change it accordingly, but they never go into the roots. Conceivably there can be a problem with your style or way of defense. Analyze and go deep into your roots. This will aid you to analyze and help yourself in the long run.

How to analyze game of chess?

How to analyze your own games? An exceptionally challenging question for many chess players. They don’t know where to start and what to do. Therefore over here is a simple timeline of how you can start analyzing your game of chess. Analyze your opening. A strong opening is like winning half a game of chess. Making the first moves of your game strong and fully planned will make the further game easier for you. The initial moves in the game of chess are known as “openings” or “opening moves. A weak opening or lame moves have no point in chess. They will lead to a complicated game, and you will lose the game. Bad openings also lead to games that end quickly and have no excitement at all. opening,chess Write down. Write down all your moves and plans. Currently, analyze where you are getting captured and why. Try to change them and get an alternative solution.  Note down the time you gain. Note the time you seize in every move. Evaluate the time. If it is not a clever move and you are not taking enough time to think about it’s probably wrong. If you seize too much time in thinking and evaluating a certain move then it can be because of your gap in the knowledge of chess. Focus on key moments. There are many key moments that are held in a game. You should be primarily focused on that. You should know when the game is completely changing its phase. Either opposition attacking you or the king is getting weaker by points. Keep an eye on all the key moments. Note what you learn. Every game comes with a lesson. You will grasp many things initially, but the rate will decrease as you improve. Note down the things you learn from a game. This will support you to improve more every day and develops a sense of motivation. Get help. If there is someone who you believe understands chess better than you then approach them. Contact them and propose them to analyze the game for you. They can also help you to acquire new techniques. If possible, follow a coach who can instruct you properly and help you grow. Operate a computer. Rafael Leitao himself suggested this method to improve in the game of chess in his article. Not just him but many grandmasters suggest operating a computer for analyzing the game. The computer helps in maintaining your games.  But many equally oppose this idea. Every so often, because you get dependent on the computer and forget to use your brain. computer,chess