You can return all our orders in case of damage. We merely accept returns in case of manufacturing defects. We promise to repay all the money within 4 days of receiving your order back to our warehouse. In case of transportation damage, we offer you a full or partial refund looking at the case. If you don’t prefer the product and want to return it, we comprehend you and we will take away from you. You have to make sure the returned product should be in an unused condition and with original packaging for a full refund. But we will only offer you a partial refund in this case. 

In case of all the returns, you have to pay for return shipping charges of the product. We would not be liable for transportation charges back to our warehouse. Some cases will however be exceptions (decided by our team).

We, however, try to minimize these cases and mark our quality chess boards everywhere. This gives a lifetime warranty to all the chess boards and chess equipment from Paramount Chess Company

What is a manufacturing defect?


Any damage from our side which includes Cracking or deflection in pieces is considered as a Manufacturing defect. Any external damage or damage caused by the customer's place is not considered as a manufacturing defect. Paramount Chess asserts all the rights to recognize whether the damage is a manufacturing defect from our side or an external defect.

Terms and Conditions

Since all our products are specially handcrafted by our specialized craftsmen, there can be cases of minor variations in sizes and weights of the chess boards and pieces. We expect you to understand this situation and cooperate with us. Color variations also represent a possible case.

Paramount Chess reserves the right to determine if the defect is a manufacturing defect or an external defect.

If any fraud or fake claims will be made from the customers then they will be barred from any refund/replacements from our side.