Affiliate Program

affiliate marketing
Affiliate Program is a well-known marketing scheme. It is practiced by many companies worldwide to expand their business. Individual workers like bloggers, influencers, or simply anyone having a website or a social platform can attach these links to their workplace and gain more money. It is a transparent scheme offered by our company, from which you can earn money. For that, you merely have to include links developed by us in your workplace.

What do you have to do?

Go to following link and make your account. With each successful order from your referral, you will get 5% commission.


Anyone maintaining a social platform that is a part of a broad audience can use our affiliate program. The workplace they are using should retain the link provided by us. This link will be provided by our team and it will be registered by your name. Anyone entering our website by your link will be tracked. A 5% commission value will be given to you for any order they placed using your link. Isn’t it fantastic?

Why should you do it?

Because it’s free and you can earn money easily. Yes, we don’t charge you for registering. Anyone can register, only some basic details about you and your workplace have to be shared with us first. After registering successfully, you will be given the link and you can gain a 5% commission from the order your audience did on our website. By using this affiliate program you can earn money easily and we can gain your support too.

How does it work?

You will have your own login id and password to access the affiliate account. After registering with us, share the link provided by us on all your social media platforms so that you can receive more money. Every time someone enters our website following your links. We will track it. We handle cookies to identify which link they have followed. So don’t worry about you getting forgotten anywhere! We will be including money as a 5% commission to every order they place using your link. As soon as $50 is collected on your account, the payout will be initiated. In case of any emergencies, you can email us about your order on Affiliate Marketing