En passant rule in Chess

by admin on May 07, 2020

En passant rule in Chess

En passant rule in Chess

En passant rule in chess, when an opponent moves his pawn two square forward from its starting position and the player, captures this pawn. En passant represent a French word which means in passing. This is a passing move in chess. Therefore, En passant is about the opponent capturing the “it passing” pawn from its pawn. It is a legal move in chess and any pawn can utilize it. Every pawn in the game of chess can exercise this rule. This rule is limited uniquely for pawns in the game. For this, the captured pawn should move two squares from the starting position and should be positioned adjacently to the opposing pawn. The abbreviation of the En passant move is “e.p.” En passant


This rule is doubted to be illegal by many. But it is legal. History says they invented this rule in the 15th century. It happened when they decided to give the pawns, the most delicate pieces in chess, the power to move forward with the first two steps. The En passant move in chess was brought in because without it the opponent’s pawns can capture the pawn which comes forward by two steps. To prevent this, En passant rule was established in the game of chess.


  • Only pawns can use En passant rule.
  • The capturing pawn should be on the fifth rank and the captured should be on the fourth rank.
  • The capturing pawn should immediately make the move after the captured pawn comes to the opponent. If the capturing pawn misses its shot, then En passant move it failed.
  • To capture an En passant move you have to move only two squares forward.
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Italian Opening

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.c3 Nf6 5.d4 exd4 6.e5 These mark the steps of the Italian opening. Considering the example of Italian Opening we can know when to use En passant rule. After the fifth step of the Italian Opening, the blacks should move 6.d5. The black captures the bishop by c4. Presently the white has the chance to capture the black on d5.  Though this is not the best move for white and it will forfeit the game. The black can capture all the whites by the queen.