Interview with (WIM) Priyanka Nutakki

by admin on Apr 29, 2020

Interview with (WIM) Priyanka Nutakki
Priyanka Nutakki

Priyanka was born in the town of Kanuru on the 1st of June 2002. Starting to play the game at the nimble age of 7, Priyanka has been winning various chess competitions on the international level since the age of 8.

Paramount Dealz was fortunate enough to have an interview with one of India's youngest Women International Masters, Priyanka Nutakki.

1. How your journey with Chess started out? Who were your trainers, and how did your interest in the sport grow?

It was my parents' interest. They enrolled me in a summer camp where chess was also included. I was probably 7 years old then. I soon started to enjoy playing chess. Within a few months, I started winning medals. I loved the trophies and appreciation that followed.

I had worked with many coaches, all of whom had their own contribution towards my career. I am currently working with (GM) Swayams Mishra and (GM) Farrukh Amanatov.

2. When you became WIM? How was the experience of the last few rounds before getting the title? What is your current FIDE Rating?

I had received my last norm in June 2018. I had to struggle quite a bit to get my first norm. But once, I got my first norm, it wasn't difficult anymore.

My current FIDE rating is 2262.

3. What do you think of Chess as a profession financially?

Unless you are a top player or have good sponsors, it is quite difficult to manage financially. The competition is very high and the number of jobs are limited. But of course, you can start giving coaching and lectures which is pretty good.

4. What are your favourite Chess books & softwares?

One of my favourite books is My Great Predecessors by Gary Kasparov.

I mostly use Chess Base, Play Chess and Follow Chess.

5. What hobby do you have apart from Chess? Are you foodie?

I like to play Badminton and Table Tennis.

Yes of course! I love my mother's home cooked meals.

6. Over the years how have you changed as a chess player and as a person? What is your dream?

I have been playing chess for as long as I can remember. Chess has literally been my life. It has made me responsible and independent. My dream is to become a Women's World Champion.

7. What has been your hardest earned victory in Chess? What tournament did this match occur in?

I wouldn't call it my hardest victory, but one of my most memorable victories is my win in a Round 9 game that helped me secure a gold medal in the Under-10 category at the World Youth Chess Championship in 2012. It was a great experience to receive a medal from the legend, Gary Kasparov.

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