Is it Ok to resign?

by admin on May 05, 2020

Is it Ok to resign?

Is it Ok to resign?

“Being defeated is often a temporary condition, giving up is what makes it permanent.”

The truth about chess and life. Being defeated is temporary, and we can get out of it soon but giving up once can turn into an irreversible habit. Giving up or resigning comes in different faces. There are many ways an individual could resign in chess. They can feel demotivated or also can be afraid of losing. But is resigning okay in every situation

Is it Ok to resign?

No. Absolutely no. Resigning is not a solution to many problems. And that’s why we should first analyze the problem and then find the solution.

There are generally two types of obstacles:

  • First in which you know the problem very well. You know you are going to lose and there is no way out of it. 
  • Second, in this, the player just wants to not try and gives up because of not having a personal desire to deal with the problem. 

In the first problem giving up is totally fine. It is acceptable, and they can also go on and play and learn a lesson from their failure. This can motivate them to try again and again. But, in the second problem, the player is losing motivation. They take the resigning opportunity as an excuse for all the problems and in this way they never face the failure.

Is it ok to give up?

Chess is a game of challenges, and everyone has to go through it. Accepting challenges and learning is what chess is all about. 

Likewise, every problem in the world, this problem of easy resign also has a solution. 

Chess players who give up too soon, should first of all immediately stop resigning. They should lose the game and learn how the opposite component is playing. Read more about chess online and offline on how to improve their skills. Read about new skills and moves. Practice and learn more. Acceptance of your failure is inevitably going to inspire you to win.

Don’t just practice but improve. “Practice makes a man perfect” is a proverb that motivates you to keep on practicing, but just practicing is not going to support you. Many chess players play repeatedly, use the same moves, and don’t improve. Try to accompany a change in your moves and make them better. You should consistently improve and practice. The previous solution on reading and learning can help here too. Learn and practice more to improve yourself in chess.

Habitually maintain a plan. You should know where to place what when a move enters in the game of chess. Players who maintain no plans typically forfeit the game. Maintain good plans and play accordingly this will give you a logical idea of what to do next.