by admin on Apr 08, 2020


The Game of Chess or that of life is often held synonyms to each other. We don't realize, that how they do so. One might consider that they don't have anything in common. As one is just a game. And the other is the actual life! So how is it, and what is it that makes the two so similar to each other!

A board showcasing the different pieces in the Game of Chess.

We are often led to believe, that humans are the smartest species on Earth. And that they know everything, about life and the way it is! But do we really? Aren't we just a piece trying to make our way in this huge Board, we call LIFE? And is it really simple? Where we have been given certain roles. And we need to abide by those, to live life to the fullest? And enjoy it?

The Game of Life is quite similar to the Game of Chess. In it, you have similar moves, and different pieces describe the different things you experience in life. But what is it that makes it extra special? And can we actually tell by accuracy, how to deal with such things?



An image showing Pawns in the Game.

The Pawns are you in your early life when you are still a toddler or a child. With limited means, comes limited responsibility. You don't have to play a huge part in the atrocities of life. All you can do is move forward. And celebrate life, the way it is. You don't really have a choice to move backward in your decision. Similarly, in this game, you don't have much of a role. You act as a shield. As the kids do to their parents against the remarks of the society. You don't have much say, and can either take two steps in the first go, that portrays if you are an incredible child. Or take one step at a time, like others which portray the child being an average one!


The Bishop and the Rook can be a representation of you in your teenage years. Here, you can explore as much as you want. Either by going in a specific direction or by coming back to the original starting point or an absolutely new place. Teenage years are the years of start over. And it helps in representing the same. You can always take a step back if you think that this is not the type of life you want. Similarly, in life, you don't have this option all the time and sometimes the plan can backfire. In Chess, also it is not necessary that you can take the step back without any regrets. Maybe your opponent looked through your move and decided to use it against you!


The knight represents life as an adult, in your early twenties. When you are burdened with taking important life decisions of career, marriage or further studies. By some point or the other, you will come and take one of the decisions. Thus, limiting your moves. But like in your teenage years, you have the option of reversing the same. But in here, the difference would be that you live a permanent record of some sort! In life, you would always have something to hold you accountable for the same. And in the Game of Chess, it would be always that the 2.5 moves that the Knight can move would be of utter importance to you!


The Queen represents life in the age of 40-50 years, where you have all the resources, and you have time. At this point in time, you can do anything you want to. And go wherever you would like to go. You try and build your life around your loved ones. And you wish for them to stay safe and protected. So is the role of Queen in this game. She goes to any lengths to protect the King. She has indefinite roles to protect her King.

It is almost ironic, as in the patriarchal society the one with the most power is the female! The one who can rule is that a Queen. But isn't it also quite similar? As it is the Queen who will go to any lengths to save the King and not vice versa. For you can almost never depend on the King to save you!

The representation of king and queen in Chess


The King represents life at the end, and as we know it. It represents our age after the '70s. Where we have the power to do anything but have limited means to do the same. Our limitation comes not with power, but with our ability to carry out tasks. Similarly in the game of Chess, the King who is said to have the highest power, is considered to be one of the weakest. It cannot move more than a step in any direction. And let us not forget that it is to protect this very piece, that the game is designed.

And thus came the role of the patriarchal society of ours. To do anything to protect the King. To go to any lengths to do the same. Why is it always the subjects, that have to prove the loyalty to the King and not vice versa? Why does the younger generation have to prove that they are connected with the older generation? And not the older generation, that they are connected with the younger generation. And that they are ready to take a step to make it work?

We hope that we were able to help you understand the similarity between the two. It is not often that one might take a pause, to understand the involvement between the two. But shouldn't they? So that it would help them understand life, the way it is, perhaps a little better. And one can always use the Game of Chess as a tool to survive and find answers when they are unable to do so.

This game provides plenty of answers, it's just that we need to look into it to find it!