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By now, you would have received a fair idea as to why it is essential to play chess. But with a game, that adds to our thinking ability in so many ways. It is necessary that we thoroughly understand the Rules of Chess. It will not only help us in improving our game. But will also ensure that we play it right.



The pieces in their position

Chess originates in India during the Gupta Empire. It was invented in India, before the 6th Century AD. But historians believe that it has been originated in China. Meanwhile, in olden days’ chess was known as Chaturanga, which is an ancient strategy game. However, it is a Sanskrit word which means having four parts. Furthermore, these four parts include elephants, horseman, chariots, and, foot soldiers. Today these four parts in chess represent themselves by pawns, bishops, knights, and rooks.



A checkmate move

The purposes of chess in olden days were for battle strategies. In simple words, the purpose of playing chess is to win. As a result, the goal of chess is to Checkmate opponents king. When a king is under attack and
cannot avoid capture it is said to be checkmate. And, the game gets over immediately.

Playing chess can boost logical thinking, develop focus and concentration. Above all, it can also help us improve our memory power and other abilities. In addition, it also helps in solving problems and decision making. If anyone wants to improve their memory and concentration level they should definitely learn to play chess.



The depiction of the various pieces found in chess

Two players can play this game of chess. Therefore, one player gets black pieces and another player gets white pieces. Each player receives 16 pieces to start the game. To clarify, this includes eight pawns, two bishops, two knights, two rooks, one king and one queen.

Subsequently, white piece moves first to start the game. It moves in L shape. Each player gets a single turn.



The boards are usually made up of wood or plastic. Chessboard divides itself into 64 equal squares in an 8× grid. Furthermore, each square identifies itself with a unique letter and a unique number. Subsequently, the vertical squares represent files and horizontal squares represent ranks.

As a result, Files are labeled as A-H from white pieces left to white pieces right. Similarly, ranks are numbered from one to eight. Squares are coloured in black and white. Each player is assigned with 16 pieces. And, each piece has its own role in the chess game.

Pieces are carved in wood the king has crowned a monarch, the queen has a small crown. Further, the knights represent a horse head, rooks has castles, bishops have headdress, and the pawn is a soldier. Each piece has its own specific place on the chessboard.

The pieces should be arranged on the board in the following way:
 The first row from right to left from your closest side- start from black corner square: rook,
knight, bishop, queen, king, bishop, knight, and last rook.
 Second-row place all the pawns, each square should have a pawn.



King: King is the most important piece of the chess game. But is less powerful. Consequently, the king moves only one space in any direction. King is the main player but if it is attacked by the opponent the game gets over.

Queen: The queen is the most valuable player. As a result, she is the most powerful piece. And she has the ability to move diagonally, forward and backward as many as squares you allow her to move.

Rook: Rook is shaped in castle, it can move forward and backward as long as there is no obstruction.

Bishops: like the rook bishops can move in diagonal way as many squares as needed, provided there is no blockage in its path.

Knights: The Knights are represented with horse heads; it is a powerful and dangerous piece which moves in L shape on the chessboard. It can jump to the other side and continue to attack.

Pawn: A pawn is less powerful it can only move in one square at a time only if its path is not blocked.


1. Castling:


The choices a king has, according to the rules of chess

Castling is a special move in which king and rook is involved. It is the only situation in which you can
move two chess pieces of your own choice in the same move. The rook and the king move towards
each other and exchange places. To do this, move your king two squares in the direction of the rook
you are castling with. Then rook should be on the placed opposite side of the king. This move can be
done from both the sides either from king side and also from queen side.

2. En Passant:


This move includes pawn, en passant may take place when a pawn moves two squares on its first move. When this occurs opposite player has the chance to withdraw the moved pawn ” en passant” as if it had moved only one space. This choice is open only for one move.

3. Pawn Promotion:


the three important pieces of chess

If a pawn reaches at the edge of the rivals table the pawn gets promoted, the pawn can be transferred to a queen, bishop, rook or knight as per the choice of player.


Now you don’t need to have a chessboard to play chess, now many websites and apps offer online as well as offline chess games. These websites provide online training on how to play chess, which will give you brief information about chess game rules and tricks to win the game. You can play practice
chess match against the computer; you can select your level from easy to grandmaster. You can play live tournaments with people around the world. This kind of online chess game are trending today and the market is growing.


Chess is no more boring and difficult game!