Things are not permanent in the game of chess.

by admin on May 11, 2020

Things are not permanent in the game of chess.

Things are not permanent in the game of chess.

Chess is a game where every turn comes with new surprises and challenges. So is life, there are ups and downs in every game. Chess is not permanent. Chess will never go as you have planned for it. It will surprise you with contemporary challenges. And if you are a true chess player, you will accept them and prove it. King in chess

Forfeiting a game.

So, let’s imagine. You are on a road. Everything is going well, You identify the ideal directions to reach the destination. But suddenly the main turn is under construction. You don’t know where to go. How to find out the new path and you neither can return. Pretty messed up right? Forfeiting a game can also be tricky for you. Beginner’s take it as a challenge generally. But those who get scared and stop in between, you need to get up and get your game on. Don’t stop in the middle of the road. Keep walking, keep practicing. Find out where you have caused the mistakes. Even if you befall a grandmaster don’t take it so personally, that might distress you. Learn, learn, and never stop learning. Improving is much more important than winning the game.

Are you winning?

Are you winning all your games? If yes, congratulations. You have already analyzed all your games and improving. But still, you need to learn. Learning never stops. Yes, a winner also needs learning. Write down 3 things you improved or grasp from this game. And additionally, if there is any move that you think wasn’t appropriate and develop your analysis on that.  This will help you more to know the small mistakes of your plan. Anyone can start analyzing their game with these small steps and excel in the future. chess,winning,permanent

How do I identify my issue?

Analyse time

If you recall anything from that game. Try playing with the same moves again. Now note down how much time you have taken in each move. Off and on, time can equally inform us whether we have played the game well or not.  For example, If it is not a clever move and you are not taking enough time to think, it’s probably wrong. If you seize too much time in thinking and evaluating a certain move then it can be due to your gap in the knowledge of chess.

key moments

Note down the key moments and try to decide the alternate moves for it. It will aid you to unlock multiple gates of hope for you. A unique move can alter the whole game in chess. Play the same game with different moves.

Analyze your opening.

A strong opening is like securing half a game of chess. Making the first moves of your game sound and fully planned will make the further game easier for you. The initial moves in the game of chess are known as “openings” or “opening moves. analyse,chess