Weighted Chess Pieces

by admin on May 12, 2020

Weighted Chess Pieces

Weighted chess pieces

In chess, weighted chess pieces are used. These chess pieces have excess weights attached to them. Weighted chess pieces are easy to play and maintain more stability. They place comfortably in any position. Many times grandmasters and international competitors prefer playing with weighted chess pieces than unweighted chess pieces. It makes them feel luxurious and smooth while playing. Weighted chess sets are more sturdy. They don’t fall around when we place them.  In weighted chess sets, the pieces are hollow from inside. Further, the iron or lead are inserted in those holes. Scientifically, this causes the center of gravity of the piece to decrease and that helps them stand sturdy.

What are unweighted chess pieces?

Unweighted chess pieces are those which are completely produced of one material. Unweighted pieces don’t have weights inserted in them. The disadvantage is, they fall when placed on the chessboard. This disadvantage of unweighted chess pieces is they make the playing experience not very smooth. Constant falling will provide a disturbing environment and decrease the fun.  weighted, chess

Weights distribution.

The weights are decided individually by the manufacturers, and they vary from place to place. But if you are planning to buy any of it then for reference you can consider the information below:
  • Single weighted: Between 1 - 2 oz.
  • Double weighted: Between 2 - 3 oz.
  • Triple weighted: Between 3 - 4 oz.
  • Quardable weighted: Between 4 - 5 oz.

Double weighted sets

Here two iron pieces fill the hollowness of the wooden chess pieces. The inserted iron or lead pieces generally weigh between 2 and 3 oz. The height of the chess piece is taken care of with the insertion of these metals.

Triple Weighted Sets

They are triple in weight than the single weighted chess sets. Three pieces are placed in one chess piece, and it makes it heavier. 

Weighted sets or Unweighted sets

Weighted chess sets are used by advanced players and beginners both. They provide a touch of luxury to the game. The stability is excellent. They are more lavish than the unweighted one but really worth the price. On the other hand, unweighted is for the kids and beginners only. They merely need to learn chess and that's why they don't require weights for now. They are certainly cheaper than the weighted ones.