Why Paramount Dealz

by admin on Apr 26, 2020

There are 100+ websites on the Internet claiming they sell chess boards and chess tournaments sets. But are all such websites trust-worthy? Why Paramount Dealz? No idea.

Paramount Dealz is all about chess. We here sell chessboards, make customized chess boards for the customers, and provide them the luxury of Chess.

Even though being a startup we have succeeded in gaining popularity all over the world soon. We have collaborated with 60+ schools, 25+ colleges, and 130+ academies for the supplies of chess boards. We haven’t limited ourselves to India but expanded our business to 18 more countries. Our brand has aided all of them to receive prime products at affordable prices.

Global Presence

Paramount Dealz is a brand actively working in 18 countries like the USA, UK, Russia, and the UK. We have successfully built the business, wide over the globe.

We have taken every possible step to contact customers to the most approachable point. We are on multiple E-commerce websites like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, and Paytm in India. We are furthermore on multinational E-commerce websites like eBay, ETSY, and IndiaMART. We have strong customer support and have astounding seller ratings, product ratings, and thousands of 5 stars customer ratings.

“Feel the Luxury of Chess.”

By all means, this is our company’s tagline. Feel the luxury of chess. We don’t exactly want to sell these chess boards and get rid of you. We want you to feel the Luxury of chess through our products. We claim that the quality of the Chess boards and chess tournament sets, that you buy will make you feel luxurious. We promise you high-quality products at minimal prices. We don’t apply discounts on one product but on all of them. Here you can feel the luxury at minimal prices with quality products.

Hand-Crafted Chess boards

Not just this but we also prevent machines while manufacturing these products. Almost all of our products are hand-crafted. And this is what we signify when we declare you will experience luxury in our products. The authenticity of India will be with you every time whenever you will be playing Chess on Paramountz Chess boards. 

The experienced and specialized craftspersons make these chess boards in the direct supervision of our employees. This is the reason, many top-notch chess players and high-profile celebrities prefer us in the market for quality chess boards and chess equipment. This develops their experience with chess more memorable and luxurious.


We have served customers with our choicest quality products so far. We have a variety of options for the customers like Wooden, Brass, Aluminium, etc., to accommodate their preferences. Not just this, but we have different combos and sets as per numerous tournaments also. We are not solely limited to chess boards, but we additionally provide everything else which is involved in a chess game. We also make individual chess pieces in case customers ask them. We sell chess bags for the carriage purpose and scoreboards for maintaining the record of your mindful game. 

In this way, we have made multiple options available for the customers in case they didn't merely need the traditional chess boards. 

What if some of you do not want to buy but rent for a few months? No worries, we are there for you. We additionally provide the facility to rent tournament chess boards, but with terms and conditions applied.

We sell our chess boards and equipment to retailers and wholesalers. We include separate discounts and support offered from our side to all the wholesale options like retailers, shopkeepers, and distributors. So that they can gain maximum profit from us and we can enjoy customer satisfaction.

Free Global Shipping

We deliver Paramount Chess boards absolutely safe and on time. We pledge to deliver all your orders safely to your doorsteps. We practice free shipping all over the globe and boast the facility of a 2-day refund in unsuitable cases. By our free shipping facility, you can order many more products from us without being bothered about the excess shipping charges. 

Not just this we equally carry out easy replacements for the defected products. The manufacturing defected products only can be replaced by the company and not all the chess boards. But we, however, try to minimize these cases and mark our quality chess boards everywhere. This gives a lifetime warranty to all the chess boards and chess equipment from Paramount Dealz company.

Multilingual Support

We provide Multilingual Support to our customers. Definitely, we are not limited to two languages, but we assure you to support 15+ languages according to our companies policies. We took this step for a sounder understanding of our customer’s issues and making them comfortable with the company. We maintain a highly specialized team trained in 15+ languages which helps the customer to be more comfortable for us. We have sought our best to solve all customer issues to date.

Customer Service

We are extremely dedicated to assisting all customers whenever they need it. We have achieved an average rating of 4.7 stars through our customers. 

Our company’s philosophy is customer satisfaction and remarkable products. Like Chess, this company also believes in the one to one conversation with the customer. We are present to pick up client complaints anytime. We retain a fully accomplished team to handle all the before sales and after-sales support. 

Partner with us

If you are a businessman or thinking of developing ourself we are here for you. If you express an interest in our company, then you can partner with us. We are open for all the partnerships with terms and conditions applied. 

Not only this but you can also make money by promoting us on your pages and video around the internet. This will support our company to develop and you to experiment with your ideas. 

We are also on many social media platforms in case you need to know more about us. 

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