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Some people tend to think, that Chess is a game of mind. And it doesn't actually require any other strength. But is it really the case? Chess, as we know it is one of the games, which needs all our attention, and in every form that one can think of. So why is it that we find it difficult to understand it.

An image showing various pieces of chess.

Here at PARAMOUNT DEALZ, we have curated some quotes for you. These are from the legendary Chess Master. And they can help you understand. Why Chess requires all are attention, from mental to physical.


Chess might not be the game, which comes to your mind when we talk about life. But the question is WHY NOT? It has all the attributes of life and if one decides to see it properly. They can actually see, how all the pieces in Chess, represents life as we see it.

Move-in silence, only speak
When it's time to Checkmate!


It is often difficult for one to see life in its purest form. And we are always running, after one thing or the other. So what is it that separates winners from the losers? It is their attitude! Attitude on how they behave with others. When you don't have anything, and you still find yourself boasting about it. Remember, that it is not the right way to lead life.


The different pieces of chess, in both the colors.

We all need to believe in something, to help us get by. And something as tricky as magic is the hope for many. But what about miracles? Do they actually happen? Or is it our belief that helps in making that happen?

If a player believes in Miracles
He can sometimes make it happen


One might often low in confidence, and that he/she/they might not be able to get on with a particular thing. Or that they are not meant for it. But if we focus just right, and put everything in our knowledge to make that happen. We might actually achieve it.

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We often find ourselves struggling with difficult thoughts. Even though we might try our best, but there are just some thoughts that keep popping up. And though you might not be totally comfortable with the same. You don't know how to actually keep up with those.

Chess is so inspiring that I do not believe a good player is capable of having an evil thought during the game.

So what is it, that makes Chess so different from other things? It is the usage of mind. And if we use it the correct way, we would realize that there is no space for any unwanted thoughts. And that it is all in our head. We might think, that this is not possible. Like any other game, it should be the reason one has bad thoughts. But have you ever been inspired by someone? If NOT, then play a game and start getting INSPIRED.


A black piece of chess.

We often think that we are the best. And this would have resulted in us boasting about ourselves and our strategies. But should we really do so? Shouldn't we just keep life simple, the way it is? And utilize that time in growing as a person, and help others to do the same as well.

You must never let your opponent see your pieces and figure your strategy.

One must always be cautious when facing an opponent. He/She/They should be ensured that the other person can always use their strategies against them. And if you want to be a Winner, you need to make sure, that you hide your strategies well.


It is often that one might face failure in life. And also very often, that they might feel to give up because of the same reason. But should they really? Isn't it the losses that help us in becoming a Winner? And actually helps us in appreciating them a little more than usual?

If you are not big enough to lose, you are not big enough to win.
-Walter Reuther

The very reason that we give up early, is the reason why we don't succeed. We should strive hard, to succeed. But we should also ensure and keep it in our mind, that it is not the only thing. For we understand why we are loosing, we can always work on it. And emerge as a more strong player, both in life and in-game!

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We all know it takes patience and practice to achieve something. But we cannot be a star overnight in something. Thus, we have to give in our everything if we want to achieve something in life. After all, it is the hard work that talks.

No one will regret the time dedicated to chess, as it will help in any profession.
-Tigran Petrosyan

We all know how the game of Chess is. It is such a pure game and a game that requires so much patience. But it is not only the time, but it also helps you in gaining so many skills. It teaches you patience, confidence, and the list can be never-ending. You will not find even one person, who plays the game, who tells you, that it is a waste of time.


The Board of Chess

The Board of Chess is a black and white one. It is like an old movie, which will always lend its hand in teaching you something important. The game of Chess, as we call it is something which should be played by everybody, atleast one in their life.

Chess is a war over the board. The object is to crush the opponent’s mind.
-Bobby Fischer

If you play the game, with an absolute passion. It won't take you long to realize, the purpose of the game. The sole purpose of the game is to WIN. But the difference here is that you don't have to do it by getting your hands dirty. You can simply do it, by crushing their minds.

We really hope that we inspired you to play the game. As you can similarity between the game and life. So what are you waiting for? Grab the board, and play the game now!

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