Metallic Chess sets

by admin on May 23, 2020

Metallic Chess sets

Chess is a board game that is based on strategy in the battlefield. It derives inspiration for its pieces on the board from the infantry. The game will end when one of the players traps the other players king and is unable to escape. Of course, since this is a game of strategy, there cannot be any bias and each player starts of with the same number of pieces in the same positions. It is no surprise that metallic chess boards have a certain modernity associated with them.

Wooden chess boards are reminiscent of the earliest battles throughout history that primarily relied on wood. Civilizations relied on wood for their armor, fortification, cooking and manufacturing. Wood was abundantly available and easy to work with. This permitted its prevalent use. This is the reason why most chess sets are wooden. The best wooden sets transpose the players to that time.

Metal chess sets on the other hand depict a more modern approach to the classic game. They depict a time when metal replaced wooden structures and fortifications. In addition to this, there are several other factors that allure prospective customers towards metallic chess sets. Let us have a look at some of these factors:

Surface Finish

The surface finish obtained in metallic chess pieces and surfaces is second to none. The metallic luster bring adds a new dimension to the chess set while bringing about a modern variation to the game. In wooden chess sets it is common to apply a layer of lacquer to improve its surface finish. It also helps it to battle the elements and improve the durability of the board. One thing to note about this coating is that it fades with time. Metallic chess pieces however, use different techniques to polish the surface using varying grades of emery paper. This gives it a natural smooth appearance that does not fade. Furthermore, to enhance durability, additional protective layers are added.


There is a growing trend among people to have metallic chess sets as a souvenir in their homes. This is done mainly to add to the home décor of the house. As compared to wooden chess sets, metallic chess sets are wildly outsold in this category. Not only does the metallic luster appeal to more people, but wooden chess sets are not considered premium by many.

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Feel in hand

The way chess pieces feel in the hands of a player enhance the game greatly. The weight of the metallic pieces adds a new level of excitement to the game of chess. This is also the reason why players prefer weighted pieces in plastic chess sets. If the pieces and setting does not feel right, it becomes very difficult for a player to concentrate. Chess pieces can neither be too light nor too heavy. They must adhere to certain size and mass limits as specified by Fédération Internationale des Échecs (FIDE) or World Chess Federation.


Metals are known to be great to work with among craftsmen. They are highly malleable, ductile and can be formed and reformed into intricate pieces. Unlike wooden chess pieces and boards, they do not carry a degree of fragility that is present with wood. Commonly available metals and alloys are hard and extremely workable. There is also very little loss of material unlike that of wood. Metals can be melted, cast and re-used for the same operation. This is not possible with wood. Hence, metals are a lot more sustainable as a material in comparison to wood.


It is the natural property of most metals to form a protective oxide layer on their surface. This prevents them from being oxidized and gives them a longer durability. Aluminum forms a protective oxide layer making it a great candidate for chess pieces. Furthermore, alloys such as brass that are resistant to corrosion and oxidation may also be employed for this purpose. They are a heavier and a lot sturdier than many metals. This enhances their durability to a great extent. Unlike wooden pieces that are prone to rot in moisture, metallic boards and pieces wither through all of this. This allows for limited maintenance costs and high product value. Lastly, adding an extra layer of polishing helps enhance surface finish as well as increases durability further.

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