Plastic Chess sets

by admin on May 23, 2020

Plastic Chess sets

Plastic chess boards are some of the most versatile chess boards available in the market as of today. They are very economical, versatile, highly customizable and feasible to mass produce. Were chess boards always made of plastics? Clearly not! Plastics have come into existence only in the late nineteenth century. They have been commercially viable since the mid-1930s. But the first mass produced chess boards only made it to the market in the later part of the twentieth century. This is because of the latest advancements in technology and the age of industrialization. So why are plastics used to manufacture chess boards?


One of the biggest advantages of having plastic products being mass produced is their affordability due to mass production and the onset of machines. This has revolutionized every industry and the chess industry is no exception to this. Plastics are not just economical to customers but also to manufacturers because of its vast availability. The levels of deforestation have been on a steady increase ever since the dawn of man. Building chess boards out of wood only adds to this problem. With the forest cover depleting all across the world, it is important that we take appropriate measures for their conservation. This is also another reason that wooden products are a lot more expensive to both the manufacturer as well as the consumer.

Ease of work

One of the greatest things about plastic is that it is formed due to permanent deformations as a result of heat. This means that plastic may be molded into any shape that is required. This relieves the pressure of hand working on wooden chess pieces. While wood is easier to hand work than most other materials, there is a significant loss of raw material in the turning processes involved. This adds to the cost of manufacturing and ultimately, the customer ends up paying for it. This problem does not exist with plastics as they can easily be molded into any of the required shapes without losing raw material. This increases the efficiency of production and reduces the costs that the customers have to bear.

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Another great advantage with plastics is that you have a lot of room for customization in terms of texture, shape and appearance. This factor greatly adds to the visual appeal of the chess board and its pieces. It is common for certain plastic chessboards to sport a green and white checkerboard. This is a very common setting in chess clubs and among budding players. The way our brains perceive the color green from others is very different. It has a calming effect on the mind which is handy in stressful situations which is often the case on a chessboard.


One may choose to apply a vinyl coat is to Plastic boards. This is to improve the aesthetics of the product. In addition to this, the vinyl also adds a layer of protection to the surface of the chessboard. This minimizes the damage from the elements as well as conditional wear and tear. Plastic boards can be easily folded away when not in use. This is something lacking in its wooden counterparts. Moreover, there are no chances of encountering those annoying splinters from poorly finished wooden boards and pieces.

Ecological balance

As mentioned earlier, the rates of deforestation have been steadily increasing. Any increase in demand for wooden materials puts a tremendous load on the forests that are unable to cater to this demand. This threatens the entire ecological cycle in place. Instead, bio-degradable and oxy-degradable plastics can be employed to manufacture these plastic chess boards. This will help shed the load on forests and focus on renewable methods of energy and suitable waste management techniques.


Plastic boards supersede wooden boards by a large margin in terms of durability. One particular aspect of this is their resistance to moisture. Wooden boards cannot dwell for long in humid climates and therefore require constant maintenance and care. Once moisture enters the wooden board, it starts eroding from within and over a period of time disintegrates completely. Plastic boards on the other hand remain unaffected by moisture and can last a very long time without much maintenance. This quality makes it an ideal chess board for children.

All these factors make plastic chess boards an ideal candidate for beginners to the game as well as children just picking up the game. It is a completely worthwhile investment with bountiful returns. Once there is a peak in interest and performance, the plastic boards may be substituted for wooden or metallic ones. Until then, make sure to check out our 20-inch tournament chess sets that comply with FIDE standards here: